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Mike Austreng Award and Rufus Turpin Award

Top Two Volunteers for 2016


he Leadership Committee of ASQ Ottawa Valley decided in 2013 to honor the services of two founder members and ex-Chairs, Mike Austreng and Rufus Turpin, who are no longer with us. Their valuable contributions in the formative years put ASQ Ottawa Section on a sound footing.

Their dedication, devotion and services to ASQ Ottawa and to the cause of quality in our region were a source of inspiration for all volunteers. The Leadership Committee of ASQ Ottawa Valley is pleased to announce the names of the top two Volunteers for 2016.

Congratulations to:
Richard Dare for Mike Austreng Award 2016
Ruth Stanley for Rufus Turpin Award 2016

These Volunteers, like the rest of the Member Leaders, have worked tirelessly, to help Ottawa Valley Section serve its membership and the cause of QUALITY in this area. As per annual practice, the Member Leaders voted to name these two to recognize their services and contributions.

RICHARD DARE – Membership Chair, Nomination Chair, and Audit Chair

Richard Dare joined ASQ in 1996, and became an Ottawa Valley section volunteer in 2002 as Associate Director for the Quality Fair, a predecessor of later NCQC Conferences. He has held a number of positions since then including Programs Chair, Treasurer, and Section Chair. As Membership Chair, he has carried out analysis of membership trends and participation at section events to assist in developing strategies to improve the value of ASQ membership to its members. In past years, and in 2016, he worked to improve the efficiency of administrative functions including the nominations process and logistics for member events.  For 2017, he has assumed the role of Secretary.

RUTH STANLEY – Vice Chair and PAR Chair

Ruth Stanley joined ASQ Ottawa as PAR Chair in May of 2015 and took over as Vice Chair in the Fall, continuing in that role throughout 2016. Through her cooperative efforts with the Leadership Team, the Ottawa Valley Section achieved the Silver PAR award. Starting as a daily blogger from the World Conference on Quality Improvement, Ruth contributed guest articles throughout the year and tirelessly solicited guest articles from around the world. As a result, the Ottawa Valley Section Newsletter readership grew from just under 300 to 500 and the Website achieved an increasing international audience.

A former business planning and results-based management specialist with the federal government, Ruth retired in June of this year after 25 years. Moving on to new challenges, Ruth has accepted the role of Section Chair in  2017  and continues to Co-Chair the ASQ Canada Conference 2017 Steering Committee.

You can read more about Ruth at her LinkedIn page.

Saleem Ansari is the “Treasurer and Knowledge Management Chair” at ASQ Ottawa Valley Section
To reach Saleem use our Contact Form.

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