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Mike Austreng Award and Rufus Turpin Award

Top Two Volunteers for 2014


The Leadership Committee of ASQ Ottawa Valley is pleased to announce the names of the top two Volunteers for 2014.

Congratulations to:
Roger Chouinard for winning the Rufus Turpin Award 2014
William Osborne for winning the Mike Austreng Award 2014

These awards have been named after former Chairs of ASQ OTTAWA Valley Section, who are no longer with us. Their valuable contributions in the formative years put ASQ Ottawa Section on a sound footing.

These Volunteers, like the rest of the Member Leaders, have worked tirelessly, to help Ottawa Valley Section serve its membership and the cause of QUALITY in this area. As per annual practice, the Member Leaders voted to name these two to recognize their services and contributions.

ROGER CHOUINARD – Certification /Recertification Chair & Chief Proctor


Roger joined ASQ in January 1994 in the 707 Tucson (AZ) Chapter while he was doing a Master of Reliability and Quality Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson and joined the ASQ Ottawa Valley Chapter in June 1994 upon his return from Arizona.

He started volunteering for ASQ Ottawa Valley Section during Summer 1994 as a Recertification examiner and Proctor (when requested by the Chief Proctor). He was also involved in certification activities and programs activities in the Executive committee. He became the Certification /Recertification Chair in 1996 and the Chief Proctor in 1999. He taught at several CMQ/OE (CQM at the time) section refresher courses from 2000 to 2006, but stopped after ASQ issued a rule that proctors were not allowed to teach ASQ exam preparation courses.

In addition to the CRE, CQE and CMQ/OE certifications, Roger also has an MBA from the University of Ottawa. He is also a Professional Engineer (PEO) and a Project Manager Professional (PMP). He has offered to continue in the same roles in 2015.



William Osborne first became involved with ASQ during his time in Zimbabwe in 1994, where he was introduced to the ASQ by local quality people, and joined as an international member at that time. Later on returning to Ottawa in 1997, he became a full member of the ASQ Ottawa Valley Section, and has retained that membership ever since, including the three years in Mozambique, and three years in the UK. Throughout that time he has benefitted greatly from his membership, through introduction to outstanding members of the Quality profession, as well as continuing education and development.

William served as Newsletter Chair in the 90’s and as Member-at-large in other years. He rejoined ASQ Ottawa Leadership Committee in 2012 as Secretary and is working in that capacity since then. He will continue in the same role in 2015.

Saleem Ansari is the “Treasurer and Knowledge Management Chair” at ASQ Ottawa Valley Section
To reach Saleem use our Contact Form.