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Mike Austreng Award and Rufus Turpin Award

Top Two Volunteers for 2015


he Leadership Committee of ASQ Ottawa Valley decided in 2013 to honor the services of two founder members and ex-Chairs, Mike Austreng and Rufus Turpin, who are no longer with us. Their valuable contributions in the formative years put ASQ Ottawa Section on a sound footing.

Their dedication, devotion and services to ASQ Ottawa and to the cause of quality in our region were a source of inspiration for all volunteers. The Leadership Committee of ASQ Ottawa Valley is pleased to announce the names of the top two Volunteers for 2015.

Anjum Shafi for Mike Austreng Award 2015
Marcos Chiarelli for Rufus Turpin Award 2015

ANJUM SHAFI – Communication Liaison

Anjum Shafi joined ASQ Ottawa as Communication Chair on July 1, 2012. He re-established communication channels, internal and external by restarting the Newsletter in April 2012 after a brief gap. Since then, the Newsletter has undergone many changes in format and content. It is now a regular feature and informs ASQ Ottawa Members and Non-members about the updates and upcoming events, section news & views and also contain quality-related articles.

In January 2015, Anjum started the revamp of ASQ Ottawa website. The new site was launched on April 18, 2015 and has undergone many changes in format and content since then.

Anjum works as an Advisor for Health Canada and provides advice on Product Assessment Methods, Risk Assessment, and Market Recalls. He has a significant experience in:
Prequalification of Medicines, Capacity Building, Pharmaceutical product design, Production, Quality control, Packaging, labeling.
Establishment of Drug Product Quality and Expiration Control Systems in Hospitals.

In May 2015, Anjum took over as Communication & Website Liaison and has offered to continue in the same roles in 2016.
Anjum is on the register of Exemplar Global as an auditor.


Marcos Chiarelli

Marcos joined ASQ Ottawa in Sept 2014 as Guest Volunteer (Programs) and took over as Programs Chair on Jan 1, 2015. His hard work and dedication have brought about a welcome change in the Programs Committee. He has introduced many bold initiatives and changes which have resulted in advance planning for our monthly Professional Development Events. We now have a list of subject-matter specialists who will be sharing their experience with the Members of ASQ Ottawa in 2016.

Marcos works as Senior Quality Technician at Pegen Industries Incorporated.

He is an Automation Technologist with a solid and eclectic experience towards constraints detection and process quality improvement activities in several areas:
Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Service and Maintenance, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T); Statistical Process Control (SPC); Visual Welding Inspection techniques; 5S (“Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain”); problem solving techniques (PDCA/PDSA); and others quality tools.

Due to enhanced responsibilities at work, Marcos will not be able to continue as Programs Chair in 2016. However, he is continuing his great work here until a new Programs Chair takes over.

Saleem Ansari is the “Treasurer and Knowledge Management Chair” at ASQ Ottawa Valley Section
To reach Saleem use our Contact Form.


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