The Impact of Visual Management Tools on Resource Management

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The Impact of Visual Management Tools on Resource Management


The use of visual management has been evolving and effectively implemented in manufacturing and services organizations. It serves as the key sustaining force for many popular lean techniques including 5S, standard work and total productive maintenance. In order to facilitate the understanding of how Visual Management tools could be implemented into, literally, any company and how it is necessary to support the organization to reach its goal, this paper aims to present a few visual management tools benefits and how they could be implemented. The necessity of research opportunities is identified, as well as the lack of literature focused on Visual Management tools outside production sites.
Key-words: Visual Management; Functions, Services.
This original article was peer reviewed by members of the ASQ Ottawa Valley Section and has been posted with permission by the author. Many thanks to Raissa.
Ruth Stanley,
Chair ASQ Ottawa Valley Section
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About the Author:

Raissa Barreto is a Quality Management Specialist in the Contracts Department at ADGA Group Consultants Inc. She is responsible for the implementation of quality tools, ISO 9001 certification management as well as the integration of new companies under ADGA’s quality management system. Before taking the role at ADGA, she worked for several years in the shipbuilding industry in Brazil, Norway and Italy. Barreto has engaged many European projects to improve product results based on clients’ expectation. She is an ISO 9001 International Lead Auditor, Quality Management MBA, Greenbelt certified professional and has a Masters of Engineering and Quality Management.  More details are available on LinkedIn.

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