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The Brockville Experience

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G U E S T  A R T I C L E


Blast from the Past
The Brockville Experience
Capital Quality News, June 1991
Tony Don

About two dozen members attended the plant tour and presentation of Brock Telecom Ltd and again it proved to be a highly interesting event.

The group was divided into three parties, who were assigned a tour leader, and we were treated to a complete insight of the workings of a plant that has implemented the theories of « Total Quality Management ».  It was not the tour Leader who would show us the individual operation of a section within the plant, but rather a selected person within the Section and what struck me was the enthusiasm with which these individuals showed off their process.  “Quality was obviously everyone’s concern », from the backplane assembly to the machine shop, to the CAD area, the PCB assembly the magnetics and Military assembly areas.

The facilities at Brock Telecom cover half a million square feet, which was well noted by the guests and we were glad to be back at the conference room to give our feet a rest.

Robert Viau, Director of Quality Assurance gave us an overview of the history  of the facility; how it started as Automatic Electric, then became MicroTel, and about a year ago, Northern Telecom took over.  They follow the philosophy of Philip B. Crosby and his 14 steps to Total Quality Management.   A number of people, a total  of 40 or so to-date, have been sent to the Crosby Colkege for a 4-day training session , and they in turn have qualified others to Implement the TQM principles.

The Division General Manager issues a little booklet to all employees , a copy of which we also received, defining the Quality Policy at Brock Telecom.  It starts with the quality vision, the concepts, the support systems, the product development, the operational processes and the employee involvement. Obviously it works, it shows in the pride of the employees and even the conference room we were in had one wall with the slogan : « Quality begins with me ».

With many thanks to Robert Viau, Tony Kisill and Jeff Piapst of Brock Telecom Ltd. to provide us with such an educational afternoon.



Ruth Stanley

The post has been contributed by Ruth Stanley, Chair, ASQOttawa Valley Section. You can contact Ruth using our contact form.


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