The 12 Commandments of Agile Development

Adapted from the original French article “The 12 Commandments of Agile Development” by Geraldine Charlier.

[sm_smlts_dropcap color=”red”]I[/sm_smlts_dropcap]came across the 12 Commandments of Agile Development while cleaning out my email box. Taking a second look, I felt that these same Commandments would apply to any quality or improvement initiative; and provide a checklist for project management and/ or execution. As a consummate tinkerer, I couldn’t resist making some changes.

Here are the 12 Commandments

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Satisfying the customer is the highest priority.  Deliver value-added services quickly and regularly.

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Welcome changes positively, even late in the process.

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Deliver frequently.

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Meet with your colleagues everyday throughout the life of your project to keep up the momentum.

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Be a Servant Leader.  Surround yourself with innovative people and give them the environment they need to succeed.

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Face-To-Face is the best way to communicate.

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Pay attention to implementation issues for best results.

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Keep a constant flow, no bottle necks.

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Insist on technical excellence.

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Less is more!

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The clearest concepts, frameworks and specifications come from organized people.

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Analyze and apply lessons learned for continuous improvement.
The 12 Commandments of Agile Development by Geraldine Charlier first appeared in French in DWI Expert.

About the author:

Ruth Stanley

Ruth Stanley is the Chair Elect 2017, Ottawa Valley Section. You can read more from her on Ruth Stanley’s page. To contact Ruth please use our contact form.