Seeking Insights on Executive Resistance to Lean

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Seeking Insights on Executive Resistance to Lean

Your participation is requested!!

I’m Jacob Stoller, past speaker at ASQ Ottawa Valley, and author of The Lean CEO. I am currently researching a book chapter on executive resistance to lean. If you have tried unsuccessfully to convince members of your senior management team to adopt lean thinking, I would like to interview you to learn about your experiences. What I’m looking for is a 15-30 minute phone or Skype conversation to explore the following questions:

  1. How would you summarize the attitude of your senior management towards lean?
  2. How has the case for lean been presented in your organization?
  3. What counterarguments have you faced when trying to expand lean activity in your organization?
  4. What tools / information would help you make your case more attractive to your senior management?

The interview will be confidential, and your input will remain anonymous unless you specifically choose otherwise. As well, all participants will receive a summary report of research results so you can see now others perceive and cope with lean resistance.

Please respond by email to Jacob Stoller,

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