ROI of Quality – myth?

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ROI (return on investment) is not often associated with ISO, though it is often associated with general quality projects.

The business case for investing in ISO… well let’s just be honest folks, it’s really something you HAVE to do generally as it’s driven by customer or regulatory demand.

If you’re in the 98% of businesses that think this way – well you’re obviously in the majority and treat ISO as a cost of doing business.

The question is – does it have to be?

Is there an opportunity for ISO to actually provide a hard cash-in-your-hand return?

The short answer is… ABSOLUTELY, and you only really need ONE THING to turn it from a cost to a profit center. Not only that, but this is the PERFECT TIME to make it happen.

You see the transition to ISO 9001:2015 is an ADDITIONAL burden and cost on the typical re-certification process. We at SimplifyISO, however, see it as a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

Probably the biggest opportunity we’ve had with ISO. 

Right now you’re being FORCED to put in effort and likely additional hard-cash-cost into reshaping your quality management system.

As Robert Frost famously said in his poem The Road Not Taken, you have TWO paths you can follow with this transition…

You can put in the time and carry the burden and continue as you were before, treating ISO as a cost line item in your budget.


You can sort out how to leverage this forced labour and expense.

We’re showing folks EXACTLY that in the newest webinar we just launched. We discuss the ROI of quality and demonstrate 2 tools – one that helps plan your transition shaving days off your timeline (and many headaches!), and the second tool (or one like it) is the secret sauce that will generate you an ROI forever more.

Click here to to register for this Friday 16-March @1:30PM or register for next Friday at the same time. If you can’t make one of those days, register anyway and you’ll get a replay automatically and access to one of the tools (value $125) sent to you for free.

Even if you have transitioned already – you may want to watch this presentation on quality and how to derive a return on investment from ISO – all are welcome.

Look forward to seeing you soon!




About the author:

Jim Moran

Since 1992, Jim has implemented ISO Management Systems for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and has developed Integrated systems that include more than one set of requirements. His training courses have included these and additional Standards – ISO 15189 (Medical Labs) and OHSAS 18001 – Health and Safety, soon to be released as ISO 45001.

As an ISO trainer and consultant with over two decades of experience, he is ready to help your business streamline and simplify your ISO processes, audits, and re-certifications.

Visit Simplifyiso for more information.


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