“Powers” – as a Part of a Membership Transformation Framework!

“Powers” – as a Part of a Membership Transformation Framework!

By Dan Zrymiak
I have been part of ASQ for two decades, and believe it to be the most powerful resource for promoting and sustaining Quality in our work and lives. I have identified the following “Powers” as part of a Membership Transformation framework, and provide this for your consideration:

Power of Accessibility

ASQ makes Quality available 24/7, through online resources and diverse events, with access to content, communities of practice, expertise, publications, networks, and examples.  ASQ offers fellowship and affiliation to organizations of all sizes, and individuals of all backgrounds from the novice student to the most experienced Quality guru.

Power of Prestige

ASQ traces its origin back to the Pioneers of Quality who include Shewhart and Deming, and is internationally recognized with acceptance and comity.  ASQ certifications are the de facto industry standard for our profession, and ASQ operates at the highest levels of business, government, and academia.

Power of Precision

ASQ offers distinctive and specific benefits to practitioners and professionals at all levels across multiple industries and academic domains.  It is not a one-size-fits-all Society; there is something of value to be found for every member. Using the Identify> Invite> Engage> Retain progressive approach, ASQ provides a relevant and practical experience for its members.

Power of Rewards

ASQ membership provides discounts, incentives, benefits, honoraria, sponsorships, and opportunities for professional growth and personal advancement.  The possibilities for cost recovery and positive returns on time and money invested have made ASQ not only worthwhile, but a positive multiplier and catalyst for new opportunities and capabilities.

Power of Momentum

The confluence of technology and globalization, along with the legacy and reputation of a 70 year professional society, provides an optimal situation for people to become engaged and interactive with the international Quality community.  ASQ provides us with a forum to leverage and capitalize on these trends to our full advantage.

(Posted by ASQ Ottawa Valley Section)

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About the author: Dan Zrymiak

Daniel Zrymiak  is the ASQ Regional Director for ASQ Region 4, Canada, for the 2015-2016 term.  He is a software quality practitioner and instructor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. An ASQ fellow member, he received the Feigenbaum Medal in 2001, and is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt, quality manager, quality engineer and software quality engineer. He also has lead auditor certifications for biomedical, hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP), environmental, and quality auditing. Mr. Zrymiak has a business degree with honors from the University of Saskatchewan, and is presently pursuing post-graduate studies. He can be reached at daniel.zrymiak@accenture.com

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The article was originally published on ASQ Ottawa website in April 9, 2016.

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