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Learn, Make a Difference, Have Fun

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G U E S T  A R T I C L E

Learn, Make a Difference, Have Fun
Capital Quality News, February 1991
David Hutton

Why on earth do people get involved in ASQC committees? Those who do will tell you – there are many reasons.

For some people, it is a way of gaining experience in a « safe » environment.  Committee work can help people develop skills such as planning, budgeting, working as part of a team and chairmanship.  For example, if you want to plan and orchestrate events at your place of work, why not learn the ropes first with our Program Committee?

For other people, it is a way of pursuing a personal interest.  For example, we need people with expert knowledge of subjects such as statistics and auditing.  What better way to consolidate this expertise than to work with our Education Committee to help pass it on to others?

For some, the attraction is the opportunity to «  make a difference ».  Most of us believe – l hope – that quality is important to Canada’s future prosperity. Our section is ideally placed to influence some important local organizations, which operate nation-wide, such as the Federal Government, some Crown corporations and industry associations.  Our local activities are already reaching people in these organizations and they are taking notice.  Why not help organize the next National Quality month event in October?

But perhaps the most common reason is the fun of working with interesting people.  Our Section has members from a wide variety of different backgrounds and from different types of organizations.  This makes for a stimulating mix of people on our committees.

Fortunately, not every ASQC member wants to take part in the running of the Section – with our membership at 200 and growing, we could not accommodate them all.  However, for those who would like to get more involved, there are opportunities now.

If you would like to learn more, share an interest, make a difference or have fun working with interesting people, then don’t delay.  Call our Section Chairman, Tony Don or the Chairman of the Committee of your choice.  Their names are listed on page 2.



Ruth Stanley

The post has been contributed by Ruth Stanley, Chair, ASQOttawa Valley Section. You can contact Ruth using our contact form.


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