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A volunteer service for Job Search for the Quality Professionals
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ASQ Ottawa is continuously striving to provide better services to its members by:

  • Arranging  monthly Member Meetings with presentations on Quality-related topics by subject-matter specialist.
  • Arranging training courses to prepare quality professional for ASQ Certifications  examinations.
  • Creating partnerships with other quality associations, chapters and societies in the region to enable members from both sides to network and exchange professional experiences to widen their quality horizon.

ASQ Ottawa feels that it should provide a platform to its members, who are between jobs or who wish to make a change for the better, to showcase their qualifications,  experiences and special skills. In this way, potential employers can access this pool to contact these quality professionals to meet their short term and long term needs.

Hence, ASQ Ottawa is creating this page “I AM AVAILABLE” on its website. ASQ Members can send their names and a very brief description with links to their websites, LinkedIn profiles and/or Facebook accounts.

  1. “I Am Available” service is open to all ASQ members irrespective of their geographical location.
  2. ASQ Ottawa is providing “I Am Available” service on volunteer basis and takes no responsibility whatsoever, except that the posted information meets our “privacy policy” available at:
  3. Employers are solely responsible to approach, assess and select the potential candidates.
  4. Visit our website for changes, updates and current information.

ASQ Members can send their names, contact address and a very brief description with links to their websites, LinkedIn profiles and/or Facebook accounts.


CANDIDATES – FOR MORE INFORMATION on “I Am Available”, please use our contact form.

EMPLOYERS – FOR JOB POSTING INFORMATION on our website “Careers” section, please use our contact form.

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