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How to Volunteer

Contact ASQ Ottawa for availability of volunteer opportunities

For information on
Volunteer Responsibilities and Positions Available,
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Your Ottawa Valley Section of ASQ Canada is run by volunteers who give their time, expertise and commitment to make things happen.

You, too, can help as a volunteer! Even if you are new to the field of quality, you’d be surprised at the hidden talents you have that can benefit your fellow quality practitioner.

Depending on the time that you can spare for ASQ Ottawa, you can either be a Committee Chair, a Committee Member or a Back-up for a Committee Chair”. As time permits, you can expand and enlarge your involvement as you go along and can take over as Section Chair, for a two year term.

You can attend the Leadership Committee meetings as a guest and observe the proceedings and provide suggestions and ideas.

Please complete the contact form  on our website to offer your help, experience, and expertise. It’s painless, and can benefit both you and ASQ Ottawa.