Craig Dowden’s interview on the CBC about rudeness in the workplace

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‘Rudeness is one of the biggest issues facing workplaces today’: leadership expert

Texting in meetings, taking credit for someone else’s ideas, common problems according to executive coach.

Craig Dowden, leadership consultant and executive coach, was recently interviewed by CBC Radio to talk about rudeness in the workplace. The article was also picked up by The Social on CTV.

Here are some extracts of the interview

  • Rudeness is one of the biggest issues facing workplaces today
  • Workplace incivility is a huge problem that is often ignored.
  • Incivility can be damaging in the short and long term, affecting employees’ commitment to an organization, job performance and motivation.

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Craig Dowden will be presenting at the ASQ Canada Conference on September 26 in Ottawa.
His presentation is a ” must hear.”

Craig Dowden, Ph.D.

Craig Dowden (Ph.D.), a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, has a Doctorate in Psychology, with a concentration in Business. An engaging and inspiring coach, Craig partners with leaders and executives from diverse industries and sectors to work on their most important challenges. In his role as a trusted advisor, Craig integrates the latest findings in the science of leadership, team, and organizational excellence into his coaching and consulting work. View Craig’s full profile on Linkedin.

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