Steve Jobs, Quality and 30 Years of ASQ in Ottawa… What’s NeXT?

Join us on May 8th as ASQ Ottawa celebrates 30 years of developing local careers in Quality, Lean and Six Sigma!

We will be celebrating at the National Arts Center:

Steve Jobs, Quality and 30 Years of ASQ in Ottawa…

What’s NeXT?

Shamir Doshi,

Chair, ASQ Ottawa Valley Section

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One of my favorite videos on quality comes just a couple of years after ASQ Ottawa was getting started, and it’s from one of the greatest business men of our time: 

Listen to this interview here then come back here!

For 30 years ASQ Ottawa has been helping professionals from many different fields and industries connect with the vast body of knowledge in Quality, just like Joseph Juran helped the engineers at NeXT. Jurans work is the foundation of Six Sigma.

High tech has come a long way since then. Think about it, Ottawa has 2 leading manufacturers of point-of-care blood analysis technology, Siemens and Abbott. What does quality and Lean look like inside those companies? What kind of training and production knowledge are they getting?

Steve Jobs worked in one of the most competitive, complex and quickly changing fields in industry. He played that game and arguably, he won. Listen to the interviewer: in 1990 he is telling Jobs he has already had multiple successes already: this all before the iPod, iPad, Pixar…

Methods in the quality profession and Lean are timeless and with Quality and Lean methods, companies are better positioned for sustainable growth.

Join as we break down these ideas and more, with Jacob Stoller and Michael Hart, two leading consultants in the quality and Lean profession: May 8th at the NAC. 

See you there!