What is the real meaning of Lean thinking?

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What is the real meaning of Lean thinking?

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018 @ 12:00 PM – 01:30 PM EST

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Dr. Michael Ballé, is the co-author of THE LEAN STRATEGY and THE GOLD MINE trilogy.

Executive Summary:

Looking back on 25 years of lean efforts inspired by Toyota we have found that the distinguishing factor between the few spectacular successes and the many indifferent program is a difference in thinking, not organization. To be transformational, lean can’t be reduced at a “lean management in operations” box to tick in the list of best practices to acquire and apply, but a truly different way of approach business through discovery in delivery. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to change your deep reasoning patterns from Define-Decide-Drive-Deal to Find-Face-Frame-Form; how to see the lean system of practices and tools as a system to sustain learning, not production; how to look for the right people to shape a people-centric learning organization; and how build-in innovation into your business by steering improvement change by change through reusable learning. The true potential of lean lies not in just taking waste out to reduce costs or organizing around value streams, but in developing people at the workplace by teaching them a new way of thinking more deeply and of working better with others around them to step into the batter box and rise to challenges that previously seemed impossible by supporting their talent and ingenuity in always finding a better way.

About the speaker:

Dr. Michael Ballé, is the co-author of THE LEAN STRATEGY and THE GOLD MINE trilogy. He coaches CEOs on the gemba, is Managing Director of ESG Consultants and co-founder of the Projet Lean Entreprise (www.lean.enst.fr). See Dr. Michael’s full profile at LinkedIn.

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