Career Transitions – New Tricks for “Old Dogs”

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From the Editor, ASQ Ottawa:
These slides were presented at the 2016 ASQ Calgary conference in November 4, 2016 and are intended to show how ASQ and ASQ Certifications can assist and support mid-career transitions for a long-term Quality career. This is intended to help people continue in Quality by using their skills and capabilities in new industries or situations, supported by the diverse and versatile ASQ credentials available to Quality practitioners.

New Tricks For Old Dogs:
Transitioning and Adapting Quality Professional Experience To New Industries

In this presentation, Dan has shared his personal experience of how ASQ enabled mid-stream career shifts across different industries to adapt to market conditions and new opportunities.  Lessons learned from Dan’s experience can be applied to those who seek to shift across industries or disciplines, or even functional areas. By changing focus from ISO 9001 management systems to medical devices, to software testing and development, to his current role in operational excellence, Dan has sustained himself over two decades as a Quality professional.

  • Market awareness
  • Education and certification
  • Preparation and versatility
  • Positioning for relevancy
  • Leveraging supplemental opportunities (i.e. teaching, writing)
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About the author:

Daniel Zrymiak

Dan Zrymiak is ASQ Member – Year 20, ASQ Fellow and Regional Director (Region 4) ASQ Canada. You can contact Dan using our contact form.

Dan also wrote an article on member activities ASQ Member Activities – More Than The Monthly Meetings! in August 18, 2016.


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