ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407 Fall Night at Carleton University – 17 November 2016

S T U D E N T S  E V E N T

Fall Night at Carleton University
17 November 2016

What was the event About?

It is an event organized by Carleton University to help its students to meet their potential employers. There were around 400-500 studentswho got a chance to meet their future employers and also got to know more about co-ops and jobs available for students who are in their last  year of their studies.

Who were there?

Some 70 companies took part in the event.

ASQ Ottawa Valley Member Leaders Participation

We participated in this event to encourage people towards quality concepts, be a part of the quality professional community by sharing knowledge, and get hands-on experience of practical world applications supported by professionals.

Review by Members of ASQ about Event

David Devoe: It was a pleasure for me to take part in the student networking event. The communication with students gave us the opportunity to highlight what ASQ student membership offers to their career.

Ruth Stanley
So excited to meet our future quality professionals! Students and employers recognized that ASQ can provide practical knowledge and methods on how to achieve continuous improvement in any organization.”

Salem Ansari
It was a great opportunity for the talented students of Carleton University to meet with the representatives of ASQ Ottawa and learn about the direct involvement of QUALITY in every walk of our life.”

Shamir Doshi
The net night was a real fun night!  It was great to talk to the different students from all the different disciplines.   The event was like speed dating, so I did my best to explain that being part of the ASQ will give you an advantage in your career.”
Shikha Bhanwala
“At the event, I met a lot of talented students who are ready to take on the world.”

Anvesh Pallabhatla
It was a great event where young graduates got an opportunity to meet their potential employer.”

Event Outcomes

By sharing our knowledge and experience about ASQ, a total of 31 students and employers signed up for the ASQ Ottawa Valley newsletter and indicated that they wished to know more about ASQ.

Shikha Bhanwala is one of ASQ Ottawa Valley’s newest Member Leaders.