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Student Presentations
ASQ Canada Conference – September 25 & 26, 2017

ow would you like to have the opportunity to possibly influence change? The ASQ Canada Conference will be selecting 10 students from across the country to present their ideas for an Inclusive and Sustainable Canada to Industry at the Conference.

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Quality is a belief system, like any other, that needs to be challenged. We are all conditioned to think in terms of time, cost, and quality to realize objectives or profit. So why isn’t this business model working? How much more can be brought into scope? Sustainability has been part of this model, but improvements are necessary.

The challenge is to open up the discussion. Is there a place for indigenous core beliefs related to respect for the land, water, life and community in a renewed business model?

Companies struggle with integrating Social Accountability into their day-to-day operations. Past efforts at redefining organizational excellence have led to head counts and green washing. We are asking students to question the standard business model and search for a better way toward continuous improvement and innovation that integrates Social accountability, inclusion and sustainability. We are looking for the application of a renewed and more holistic business model to all or any one of the aspects of an organization, from planning and product design through the supply chain to client delivery and aftercare.

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About the ASQ Canada Conference 2017

This inaugural ASQ Canada Conference will take place on September 25 & 26, 2017 in Ottawa at the Canada War Museum and in Gatineau at the Canadian Museum of History. The theme will be “A Confederation of Quality Professionals Working Toward an Inclusive and Sustainable Canada”.

The theme focuses on how we can work together to make a stronger and more resilient Canada by harnessing the knowledge, capability and talent of working Canadians. Some of the world’s leading experts and nations best professionals will share how organizations can use best management practices to create a culture committed to excellence and work collaboratively with others to create a high performing Canada.

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