Power and Choice

G U E S T  A R T I C L E

[sm_smlts_dropcap color=”pink”]T[/sm_smlts_dropcap]he need to be right is one driver of behavior. Most of us have a tremendous fear of being wrong. It’s often easier to take the path of least resistance, which is to stay blind to the choices. The payoff is that when you don’t recognize choices, you can justify your current position.

The act of recognizing a choice comes with a fair amount of discomfort. Why? Once the choice has been recognized, the next evolution is taking ownership (responsibility) for making a decision. To actually recognize that a choice exists, puts you in the driver’s seat. You must be willing to choose: Do I go straight, turn left or turn right?

When I hear highly paid professionals claim that they have no choices to develop themselves because their company won’t pay for it, I feel sad for their inability to see choice. There is always a choice—to invest in yourself. 

Why would you ever allow anyone to dictate to you how much you can grow, or how much you can learn? And if you believed there would be a significant return on the investment, why would you delay taking the class, buying the book, going to the seminar or getting a coach?

Real power is knowing what you want, and knowing you can achieve what you want. It’s difficult to be a strong leader or set a good example, when you make excuses, or when the language you speak is about what other people won’t do, won’t like, or wouldn’t understand.

In your personal life the same rule applies—my spouse wouldn’t like it—my daughter wouldn’t understand, and if only I had XYZ to which you can fill in the blank.

The more powerful language is to say, “I’m not interested” or “It’s just not a priority for me,” rather than to blame someone else’s discomfort for the reason you can’t get what you really want.

There is a lot of resistance to choosing consciously. The book, The Master Key System says Power is contingent on the proper use of power already in possession.

What is power?

Power ultimately is freedom, and freedom lies in our ability to choose.

Three ways to get more power

1. Take responsibility for your own development
2. Recognize your choices
3. Take ownership of your choices

About the author:

Marlene Chism is Executive Coach, Consultant, International speaker, and the Author of two books: “No-Drama Leadership: How Enlightened Leaders Transform Culture in the Workplace” (Bibliomotion 2015) and “Stop Workplace Drama” (Wiley 2011). Chism’s passion is developing wise leaders and helping people discover, develop and deliver their gifts to the world. She can be reached at 1.888.434.9085 or by visiting www.marlenechism.com

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