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Attachment: ASQ Fellow Member matrix

In my day job, I am involved in analysis related to what is termed “cloudification”. In this Analytical mindset, I wanted to specify the ranges of activity for ASQ Sections and Member Units.

For most people, ASQ involvement consists of going to monthly meetings at the hotel meeting room, corporate boardroom, or a classroom at the local university or college.  I am sharing this to expand the perceptions around what ASQ involvement constitutes, and add to the flexibility of programs offered by ASQ Sections and Member Units.

As Business Plans are being drafted for 2017, this might help with brainstorming and defining what the Section or Member Unit does or could potentially do for its members and the greater Quality Community at large.



On Premises: This is a neutral location where members can converge in a private closed-door setting
Public: This is an informal session at an open facility (i.e. coffee shop, section of restaurant) to support casual discussions
Hosted: This is a facility that is provided in-kind (or at cost) by a particular donor or sponsor
Remote: This refers to a tour or exposure to a factory, service center, or laboratory
Virtual: This covers online interactions including Webex, chat forums, etc.



Conference: This is a broad-based gathering of multiple presentations or events along a particular theme
Meeting: This is confined to 1-3 topics
Clinic: This is a training session, which can be fused with a meeting or held separately
Town Hall: This is an interactive session which engages members and attendees
Meetup: This is informal and has no set agenda.  Its intention is to bring people together face to face to enable future commitments or mentor-protege discussions
Hospitality: This is for social and may be fully or partially hosted (offset the cost of food and drinks)
Social Event: This extends beyond training or lectures to involve a fun activity



Regular cadence: This predictability permits long-term planning and confirmation of resources
Quarterly/ Annually: For larger events, or those which require longer duration (i.e. participants need vacation days to attend), these should be scheduled prudently and in conjunction with other major events
Flash: This can be arranged on very short notice as the opportunity arises (i.e. major Quality icon is in town).



Lectures: 1-2 speakers addressing audience and accepting questions
Panel: Multiple speakers alternating questions and discussions in a facilitated format
Workshops/Breakout Sessions: This is good for idea gathering and brainstorming
Cafe: This is more of an informal come-and-go setting where people can “bounce” across different discussion groups
Cohort: This refers to peers at the same level pursuing common goals or objectives (i.e. CQE students) who offer mutual support
One-on-One: This support can exist between mentors and proteges, or practitioners helping each other.  This is particularly useful for career development and transition
Online: The provision and acceptance of content and feedback through online channels and forums will support 24/7 access to information and professional growth.  ASQ Member Leader pages provide excellent examples.
Activity: This is a Community or Social Responsibility project which enhances the stature and prestige of ASQ through positive community service, and engages the participants as social contributors.  It is also personally fulfilling and members who collaborate bond on both professional and personal levels.


Financial: Provision of money for ASQ events and activities
In-Kind: Equipment and resources to reduce costs (i.e. meeting space, audio-visual equipment)
Affinity: Sponsorship implying an endorsement within a community (i.e. sponsorship by Hospital implies relevance and acceptance for health care QA practitioners)
Participants: Organizational mandate to attend and partake in ASQ products and services




The cultivation of members today will ensure the sustainability of ASQ members tomorrow and in the years ahead.

  • Regular attendees
  • Volunteers and leaders
  • Quality practitioners of stature, prestige, and professional success
  • Authors and editors
  • Instructors and presenters
  • Business and financial stewards

The ASQ Fellow Member matrix provides a detailed progress of professional progress along 6 categories.  I have personally used this to track my progression. For example, as an author, I was able to advance from newsletter articles for my local section to being published in multiple ASQ Journals and Quality Press publications. I encourage every ASQ member to review this and apply it to their own member journey. ASQ Sections and Member units should be able to accommodate these aspirations or alternatively refer the member to the appropriate resource within ASQ.

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Dan Zrymiak
Daniel Zrymiak is ASQ Member – year 20
ASQ Fellow, and Regional Director (Region 4) ASQ Canada


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